Our beautiful bodies are always speaking to us, are you listening?

They are in a continual healing cycle; they know exactly what we need and when, however, it is our job to listen to that inner voice and give that cycle our conscious help. Modern day living, the stress of work, the environment we live in, relationship issues, of life in general, can all start to take their toll and impact our overall wellbeing. In the Western world we have separated mind from body; we’ve been taught to reach for the medication instead of the meditation. And with illness and disease escalating in our modern world, it’s time to bring them back into harmony.

As humans in this physical world, we tend to suppress a lot of negative emotions in the body; sadness, anger, hurt, and resentment etc. We are conditioned to succeed, to be ambitious, driven, and powerful, with no real time to stop and feel. Our yin and our yang energies are out of balance. Over time, these negative vibrations and frequencies impact our overall health, and can often result in physical ailments and dis-ease in the body. It's only then that we start to question our lifestyle and begin to think about how we can improve our lives. The four pillars of healing, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are all interlinked and connected. When one is out of balance, it's likely the others are too. When one is worked on and rebalanced, the others are naturally improved. 

It's so important that we allow ourselves time to feel, time to heal. When we feel good about ourselves, we take more time to look after ourselves. Using various techniques, we can become more present, we can begin to raise our vibration, so that we can reach our fullest potential in life. When we connect to our Chakra System, it’s like tuning in, on an energetic plane, to the architecture of our soul. It’s where information is stored and processed and it’s constantly shifting and trying to communicate with us through our physical bodies. So it’s time to stop, listen and feel, so that we become much more vibrant in all areas of our life. We don’t just survive, but we thrive; we become truly alive.

I will look at all areas of your life, taking a very holistic approach, to not only offer treatments, but also advice, that you can carry with you far beyond the treatment room.
Also see TRAININGS for connecting with your Chakra System and Reiki Courses.


Experience the unlimited nature of Reiki and all it has to offer as we move through all four pillars of the body; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Reiki is a beautiful way to travel deep into the seat of your subconscious, releasing any blockages in the subtle body, suppressed emotions, anxiety and stress, and anything else that no longer serves you and your higher self. Connect to your mind, body and soul, as one. 

I work holistically and shamanically, using a combination of energy work, crystals, sound frequencies and sacred essences, cleansing the aura and the spirit. Feel lighter, more grounded, energised, connected & aligned. Gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of self to assist you as you move through life. The more you allow yourself to surrender and receive, the more you will experience it’s boundless effects.

You are held in a safe and sacred space, where all is welcome and accepted, and there is much room for movement and growth. A session is just the start of your journey and the effects of the work continue far beyond the treatment room. The number of sessions to receive depends completely on your own individual needs at the time and can be discussed as we go. We will start with an initial consultation before taking you on a deep, healing journey.

After receiving just one session, clients have experienced spirits and blockages actually lifting from them during the treatment, and most report huge shifts in their life way beyond our time together, described as a subtle, yet deep awakening in their heart and their spirit. Some things can’t be described in words alone, and can only be felt. Experience for yourself.

60 minutes: €65/£60
90 minutes: €100/£90
Home visits: €100
Read testimonials from clients here

Distant Healing's also available: €50/£40
(Packages available in 3, 5 or 10 sessions)

If money is tight, please don’t let that stop you;
I am always open to discuss lower costs & flexible payment options

1 & 2 - Taught over 1 full day or 2 half days
TRAININGS to read more & EVENTS for dates & locations

Taught 1-1 over a few weeks/months, read more here

Water healing dance

Experience the therapeutic touch of the water, through graceful movement, let your body become weightless as you surrender into the flow of the dance. Free your body, release tension, and transport your mind, body and soul back into the womb. An incredibly profound and deep healing modality that can transform your life in many ways. 
Based in Ibiza. Read more about it here.

Get in touch for session enquiries
1 hour:


I have worked on many retreats as a therapist all over Europe & Bali. Please get in touch to discuss Healing Sessions, Guided Meditation Workshops & Sound Healing on retreats and festivals around the world.



These calls are designed to dive deep, guide, transform and support your growth in multiple ways. If you feel stuck, confused, or perhaps you just know that there is something deeper within you that needs shifting but you're unsure on how to navigate it, then we will work together to reveal your core truth. Using various techniques we will uncover what needs to be seen, acknowledged, validated, and then move through, and transmute what needs to be released. We can cover a lot of ground in just one session, however, there are no time scales on how many sessions you need, it's completely dependent on what we are working through and can be decided as we go. Feel into your true hearts desire and manifest your soul calling. Heart healing, inspiring, awakening and stepping into your power.

“Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to Jo’s self discovering journey and all of the brave and seemingly “out of the ordinary” choices she has made in her own life. I've witnessed huge changes in her and seen her power begin to reveal itself. Her learning and healing led the way to her own personal growth and development; she's continued to change her circumstances in health, lifestyle, financials and loving relationships. Jo’s leap into the most inspirational and fulfilling life I’ve ever seen has had a profound effect on me."

60 minutes: £90/100€
Package of 3: £250/280€
Package of 5: £400/450€
Package of 10: £800/900€