Water Dance

After completing Modules 1 & 2 of Watsu in Bali last year, I hope to complete the training here in Ibiza in May so that I can offer this beautiful healing modality. I've never experienced something quite like it. It's like being transported back in to the womb, weightless, fearless, held safely in the arms of another, floating in the water. On one occasion of receiving, I completely surrendered and went through what can only be described as a rebirth. The trauma that I experienced at birth was recalibrated on a cellular level, removing all subconscious connections that I had to that time. It's truly a life changing gift. 

Here is an account from a beautiful sister that came to have a session with me in Ubud. She was petrified of the water from childhood memories, but was willing to trust me and try it for the first time, 

"Resistance and stiffness at first, nerves, but felt relaxed on the inside. Getting used to the water. At first I felt like I wanted to make sure I was safe and my body was not going to go through anything unwanted. Then I tried to relax and surrender into it more and the more I did this I started no longer feeling the water, it felt as though I was floating through space. So I went with this for a while and it felt lovely. God moving me through the universe. At points I kept coming back into my body and checking that all is well. I felt my mother there with me, I felt like a child being held gentle by my mother. I let out a cry like a baby when Jo was touching my back and spine. I felt sadness and like I wanted to be loved and held. Then I went back to the universe and I thought, this must be what it feels like to die, this is what God is showing me. I was so happy, and felt so much love. No fear, no more sadness, just LOVE!!!! I started laughing hysterically and felt like a child again, but a happy one. Laughing and having fun. I wanted to be in space forever, it felt like home. I didn't need my body anymore because I am a soul. And God will love me and hold me always. I completely surrendered and didn't even worry about the water hitting my face anymore. I could be completely engulfed in water now and love it. It was very very strange and almost uncomfortable coming back into my body, opening my eyes was so so weird. Seeing Jo's face and all the colours of the planet. It made me cry, Jo held me again and I was eventually able to put my feet down and ground myself. I didn't want to come back. Nothing makes more sense than to be out there, not to be in this body. But I am here and although I see things differently, it's almost funny how much we think about pointless stuff. Like what we wear and how we look. It took a while to feel like a human again, and I had to look in the mirror to check I was definitely in there. Watsu was one of my favourite experiences I've ever had. The most real. The most connected to source. It makes me emotional just thinking about the love I felt. And the love I have for others is just as real. So grateful".