Rise Sister Rise

I was going to do a little post on Instagram with a picture of this book, but after reading it, I felt it deserved way more than a “read this” post and a few hashtags. A couple of weeks ago I was buying something on Amazon and a suggested book popped up “Rise Sister Rise, A Guide to unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell. I usually ignore the suggestions, but for some reason, something made me stop and look. I clicked on the cover, read the description, and without thinking twice, added it to my basket. A few days later it was in my hands. Having been on somewhat of a spiritual quest this last year, spending time alone, healing, learning, growing, I was excited to get my head stuck in this book.

It came at exactly the right time, as these things do, and has made a huge impact on my life, more than I even thought possible. I started reading it, and as I turned each page, tears filled my eyes. I felt like I was reading my own life story. This sister moved to London to start a career as a designer, working her way up the ladder, a strong, determined woman, making it in a mans world, and stayed for 10 years, as have I (it will be 10 years in April 2017). She went on pilgrimages seeking knowledge, healing, sisterhood, as have I. When she was 14 she started having horrendous periods, and in later life learned she had endometriosis, as have I, (3 operations down and a continuing self healing journey). She learnt that moving her body through dance & yoga, and not so much the gym, was her greatest release, as I had rediscovered this year. I couldn’t believe the connection I felt to this sister, this woman I had never met.

Goosebumps went up my spine, I could hardly contain the tears, I felt so much compassion, not only towards her; yes, I too have felt you and your pain, sister, but also towards myself. She spoke in the way that I thought, the way that I wrote, I felt every word so deeply. Reading this book made me realise I wasn’t alone. Since the start of my ‘spiritual journey’, if you like, really from my Reiki level 1, but slowly before that too, I have felt somewhat disconnected. I have felt different, unsure, yet certain, lost, but at home, it’s hard to describe it in words. I’ve wanted to break away from the “norm”, but then felt so conditioned by my growing up and by society that I didn’t know which way to turn, or even how to do that. I was holding on to so much control of my life, always thinking of the future and never just ‘being’, in the present moment. Awakening has meant going into all of my darkest shadows, looking inwards, looking at my behaviours and patterns, recognising myself, returning home. It’s not been an easy journey at all, but I am incredibly grateful for the insights and for the path that I am now on.

So I wanted to express my love for this book because I’m sure I’m not the only sister that is feeling this right now. She helped me to see more clearly, and as I was learning to listen, to then listen more. To not follow what society wants you to be, but to listen to the deep inner callings in your heart & soul. If you listen closely enough, you will hear. I felt like I was being held safely in her arms whilst reading this book, my spiritual sister, mother & teacher. She gave me the courage to keep writing, something I’ve been working on for many years, but not had the faith to keep on with it. There are too many things to note so all I will say to all of my sisters out there, read this book. It may resonate with you in some way, it may ignite something in you, who knows. All I know is this, it’s beautiful and we are awakening. 2017, I welcome you as the journey outside of London continues. Namaste x

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