I give myself over to the Divine...

There’s been a piece of writing coming through me for a while now, but it didn’t seem to want to fully arrive, rather, has been filtering through in moments. This morning, as I allowed myself the beauty of silence, more words came. And after recent conversations with friends, I feel it’s relevant to share now…

It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now. This whole social media thing, I feel, has me in somewhat of a love hate relationship with myself and with it. So many people have said, “you need to post more, you need to do more, you need to do live videos!”… And I find myself asking, “Why do I have to?” It feels so inauthentic to me to post just because I “have to”, to gain more followers, more likes, more “traction”. Even that word makes me cringe.

I realise that I have a resistance to showing up in videos and talking about my work, or what I do, or what I’m currently doing. I feel my most authentic self comes through being in my physical presence, and through my writing, which isn’t something that I can force or control, the pieces literally channel through me in moments and I rarely know when that’s going to happen. It just does. Sometimes I have weeks without anything, and some weeks I write every day. If I tried to force something every day it wouldn’t be in flow and I’m pretty certain it would come across inauthentic. So I just let go and allow.

What’s with the constant need to be seen and heard every day anyway? It is for some kind of validation? Who are we trying to be, or what are we trying to sell? Some of the most successful therapists, teachers, and space holders I know have very little social online presence, if any. I wonder why? Perhaps because they trust and because they give themselves over to the Divine and allow Spirit to do the work? They know that they are fully supported, as we all are, and this gives me hope in following what feels true to me. Whoever needs to come and receive, will be drawn towards me, without me having to force anything, and allows me to be more in my heart and not in my head. It comes through my essence, my energy, and through word of mouth.

I don’t need to know what you had for breakfast or what process you’ve been going through every single day. I want to know what makes your heart ache in moments of sadness and of joy. I want to know what makes your heart sing. I want to know what sends shivers down your spine, and what wisdom you have to share that can enlighten me and shed light on the darkness that resides within us all. I want to know you at your truest essence, not you only trying to sell me something.

I don’t need to see your naked body to know that you’re a strong, liberated and powerful woman! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women’s empowerment and for women to express themselves and fully embrace their bodies, of course… but why does it need to be posted all over social media? Don’t you see that by doing this you’re feeding into what “they” want? That once your naked photo has gone online it no longer belongs to you and allows others to take advantage of that. Yes, embrace your beautiful bodies, yet keep them sacred; yes, love yourself, yet honour yourself fully by keeping those images for yourself. You don’t have to be naked to make a statement, to be strong, and beautiful and powerful! In fact, you being clothed and expressing yourself in words alone is more than enough, in my humble opinion.

For me, the whole “rise of the feminine” isn’t just about seeing the women rise in this way anyway. I believe it’s also about each of us, man or woman, finding that balance between our masculine and our feminine sides equally. We’ve been so conditioned to force and do and take action that we’ve forgotten how to soften, how to surrender, and how to receive all that life has to offer us. And there is so much to be received if we just allow ourselves to see it.

I feel we must learn to flow more in life. We must surrender to the Divine, to Source, within each one of us. We must tune into our own inner compass, and our true essence, to remember who we truly are, without seeking from outside of ourselves. Someone said to me recently, “you seem to live your life on faith alone”, and I responded, “well yes, I do and so far it’s working out pretty well.” So recently, when a teacher of mine expressed that he has lived his last few years on trust alone, without forcing anything (hardly any social media, no flyers, no live videos) it filled me with such joy to know that I’m following what I feel to be true and not just feeding into what I “should” be doing because that’s what everyone else is doing.

For, we are not in control, there is a higher force at work. We cannot force things to happen. No good comes from trying to manipulate a situation or a person for a given outcome. It will fail every time. Each time we let go and give ourselves over to Spirit, we are guided. It’s just whether we allow ourselves to fully let go and trust in her, trust in it, trust in ourselves. To listen and to follow the guidance.

A very simple, yet deeply powerful statement I read recently, really resonated with me…

God only has 3 answers for you:

Not yet
No, I love you too much

I do my best to trust the timing of my life. To trust and accept that those that need to come, will come, and when the time is right, those that need to leave, will leave. When things feel like they aren’t aligning, whether that is in relationships, work, or travel... trusting this is for a reason, and knowing that once the flow is followed, and the heart is guiding... all will unfold, as it needs to. It’s already written. I see, the more I let go, the more beauty that arrives. The more I surrender and pass my life over, the more I am guided and held. The more I sit with my heart and ask her what she needs, and the more I move from this space, the more love I attract, in all ways. The more abundant life becomes. The more of the right people come. Having faith that when it’s a no, it’s because there’s a better YES around the corner. Organically the evolution of life itself, unfolds.

Gratitude for the flow of life and for my ancestors guiding me home. Thank you for steering me and for perfectly aligning every single interaction, situation, lesson... for deeper growth, understanding, expansion, maturity & self-love. I give myself over to the divine.

Whilst sitting at my altar in Bali one morning this year, I was in disarray, so I asked for help. My angels, my guides, whatever you wish to call them, literally came in, in abundance and said, “we’ve been waiting for you, and we’re here.” I cried tears of joy in that moment. Know that you are always supported, you just have to ask. So, if and when your world seems in chaos and disharmony, here are a few reminders:

Trust . Surrender . Divine Timing
Life is happening FOR you... trust this

Be PRESENT and allow, don't force, control or be a victim

You are not in control, Source is, so connect with it and ask for guidance and support

Let go of what isn’t serving you, with grace

Send gratitude for the continued lessons and all the beauty and wisdom that they bring, thank you, thank you, thank you, for showing me how far I've come and what I still have to learn

Daily mantras:
I am so supported, safe and loved
Everything comes at the perfect time
This, or something better
I am health, I am wealth, I am beauty, I am love
I am love, I am love, I am love

Remember, we didn’t come here to do, we came here to be, to create, to connect…

Find what makes your heart sing, and keep doing that.

With love, as always