Slowing Down

At the end of November 2016 I went to a Cacao Ceremony & Elemental Dance. At the beginning I picked an Osho card, "Slowing down" faced me. I read the description, and knew, as always, that this was not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear at that point in time. 

Two weeks later, I opened up my own pack of Osho cards, "Slowing down" popped out in front of me, I didn't bother doing a reading, I was getting the message loud and clear.

I was well aware that there were certain elements in my life I was rushing. As a Red Rhythmic Serpent, according to the Mayan Calendar, although I sought to strike balance in my life and with those around me, the serpent side of me would dive straight into the action, without a second thought. I was in, head first, but would learn in time to become more of an eagle, soaring above, patiently watching and waiting for things to unfold. 

I wanted things to happen now!! But I knew I had to surrender to my flow and let the future unfold in its own way, everything happening in divine time. My attitude in the past was, I'd rather have an "oh well" than a "what if", no regrets. Although I keep that fairly close still, I'm also learning more patience & trust. Sometimes things take time. And for good reason. 

So, not only was I becoming more aware of slowing down in many different facets of my life, I was learning, still, to be more present. To not focus on tomorrow on what that may bring, or next month or next year. But to see and experience and fully feel what was happening now. Always a work in progress that one ;) with slowing down there has come more presence, with presence comes more peace and with peace comes contentment. Contentment in knowing that everything is happening just as it should, when it should, how it should. And I trust it!