How Reiki Changed my Life...Part 1

I've had many people reaching out to me asking about Reiki in recent months, I thought it would be good to give some more insight into my own personal journey with it, in the hopes that it will resonate with others and inspire them to seek out more knowledge. I love talking about Reiki, so here is Part 1 of my journey, enjoy...

At the end of 2012 I hit a pretty low point in my life, I hated my stressful job, I'd been suffering with PTS and anxiety, I'd had 2 operations to remove endometriosis, I wasn't loving myself as I should've been, stressing all week and partying hard at the weekends to escape it all. I wasn't happy in my relationship, predominately down to the fact that I didn't love myself, although I wasn't too aware of this at the time. I knew something big needed to change. 

I started looking for an alternative healing treatment for the endo', as I really didn't want another operation, and during my search, Reiki popped up. I'd heard of it before but it had never really resonated with me at the time, but for some reason, this time, the articles I read drew me in and I was hooked! Something ignited within me and I knew deep in my soul that this was going to be the thing that would help me in some way. I wasn't sure of how it would or how long it would take, but there and then I booked my Reiki 1 attunement so that I could start self healing. 

I did Levels 1 & 2 pretty close together because I didn't know much about it, had I known more I would've separated them by a few months at least. Having said that, because of the closeness, the shift I went through afterwards was so profound, I had no idea it was going to be so powerful! 

During my 21 day healing process I went through what's called a "healing crisis", in which the pain in my body amplified tenfold. And it wasn't just physical pain either. I started having flashbacks from my childhood, you know the kind of stuff you think is buried and let go of....well those memories and the emotions attached to them were still there, hiding underneath all of the layers of my hard exterior. They were presenting themselves loud and clear in order for me to face those demons once and for all. 

I was scared initially, I was feeling things I'd never felt and I was experiencing states of mind I had never discovered before. I didn't understand what was happening until I read about it in one of my Reiki books. In short, a healing crisis is when the life force energy is working its way to the deep blockages in the body, and this can come out in a physical and/or emotional release. And this always gets worse before it gets better. I continued to self heal until the pain in my body completely went away, I couldn't believe it!! 

I was working through my chakras every day, reaching quite deep states of meditation, something in me was stirring, awakening. I started to see things differently, people, circumstances, things started to become clearer in my mind's eye. At the time I kept most of what was happening to myself, it was an incredibly personal journey and I felt it wasn't easy to explain to people. I also didn't start to share my Reiki healing gifts with others for at least 2 years from when I was initially attuned. I wanted to make sure I was in a good place myself before I started offering services to others. 

My level 1 was nearly 4 years ago now. Since then my life has changed a lot! I moved on from the relationship, I changed jobs, eventually going freelance, I've lived in Ibiza, Goa and Bali, and also traveled to Australia, California & Croatia. I did a level 3 in Ibiza in the summer of 2014, and then spent 4 months doing my Masters with a teacher in London in 2015. Things have shifted and awakened beyond what I had ever imagined and it still feels like I've only just begun; the journey continues to unfold in front of me. 

This is just a small snippet of my Reiki journey so far, so stay tuned for more on my other levels, teachings, taking Reiki around the world, and to see my journey continue on to my teachers level, which I will be starting next month. I have never felt so passionate about anything in my life! Reiki is so powerful and magical I want to share it with everyone!! If you would like to know more please just ask, I'm always here. Love & Light x