Bali, Mountain Peaks & Sea Deep

Bali has a sort of magic that cannot be perturbed. It’s hard to describe with words the powerful energy of her land, and can only really be felt by the individual that is called to her land. When you are being silently drawn to Bali, trust that you are being guided for a reason. She has soul work for you to do. She has life lessons and gifts for you. Once here, if you allow yourself to completely surrender to the Gods & Goddesses of her womb, know that she will crack every hidden and buried wound, wide open.

She will fragment your heart into tiny pieces. She will hold up a mirror to your face and say, “look, there’s no hiding now, it’s all in you.” But really, it’s up to you, you can decide. Are you willing to go deeper than the ocean to uncover what needs to be seen, are you willing to go to the mountain peaks to rise above your ego and your past stories?

Her wish is to wash your soul clean, to purify, to teach you, to show you. You’ve been lead here because on a soul level it’s time for you to forget everything, and then to remember, to remember why you came here. If you flow with her every divine and synchronistic motion, she will gently, sometimes loudly, show you the way. She will embrace you and gift you everything that you need, but not always what you want or expect. She’s the truth barer. There is no way you can hide from yourself here. She will trigger you and frustrate you, but love you all the same. Karma, in a place as powerful as Bali, will bite you in the ass so hard you will learn your lessons well... or will you?! 

She teaches you how to be truly present with yourself because everything can shift in a split moment. You could wake feeling the weight of the world on your entire being and then a chance meeting may fill you with light and catapult you into all you’ve been dreaming of and more.

Whatever you give energy to expands and magnifies like no other place I know. 

It is said that two Ley Lines cross through Bali, known as the male and female Great Dragon. These represent Earth purification, so it makes sense, then, that if one allows themselves to be held by Mama Bali, she will indeed, purify you. As a detox goes, though, the purification process will involve some discomfort, and that’s probably an understatement!

When you resist and fight, she’ll fight back and whisper, “Just let me take you”. If you finally fall back and let go, she’ll say, “I’ve been waiting for you, trust me, I’ve got you!” The journey can, and most likely, will be deep. You’ll oscillate between pain and joy, confusion and clarity, uncomfortable and comfortable, feeling far away from home and being home, fear and trust, knowing and unknowing, loss and love... there will be days when you are filled with a natural ecstasy for her and life itself as you dance with her magic, and days where you just can’t and don’t want to leave your solitude in your cave, hiding away from the rest of the world.

She is also pure magic. She is a vortex of transformation and purification. She is jungle, and tropical fruits and bright colours and sweet smelling incense. And she is also traffic jams and pollution and plastic and potholes and stray cats and dogs. She is walkways that lead to rice paddies and kids flying kites and palm trees and rivers and freshly fallen coconuts. No photos can capture her true beauty and all of the colours and smells. Here you can be so abundant with her food and her beauty, and temples and waterfalls, and blessings and nature and, of course, her deep and profound lessons. She will abound you and compound you and drive you absolutely wild, whilst she loves you and shows you... each way to go. She will push you to the knife-edge again and again, until you want to run away, followed by the biggest blessing of your life.

She is a portal of creation and rebirth and playfulness and adventure. She is dance and music and ceremonies. She is community living and separation and belonging and home. Volcanoes, sunrises creeping through the jungle trees in the early mornings as the cockerels wake, and heavy downpours of rain and thunder so loud it’ll shake you to the core. She is mysterious, powerful and full of mystical wonder. Purging and purifying all that no longer serves your soul.

If you can withstand her magnificence, you will certainly leave another person, or maybe you’ll get stuck here! Once here, it can be hard to leave. I have had friends land into Ubud and share that they don’t know how I live here for longer than 2 weeks because they find it all too intense. She is intense. But she also gives you the space to hold yourself, to just be, and the space to hide away and nurture you, if that’s what you need.

Here you will be seen. Here you will be directed to step into your true essence and your highest self. Here you will learn your deepest lessons, whilst also receiving some of your biggest blessings. If there is more “work” for you to do, she won’t let you go. If you do manage to escape her, and there is more for you to receive, I have no doubt she will reel you back in one way or another. I, for one, can vouch for that.

It’s been just over 3 years since I first landed into Bali. My first experience was one of sheer awe, fascination, wonder, fun and awakening. I thought I’d landed into Narnia. Time became an illusion and every corner opened up to something new and enchanting. For 4 months she allowed me to just be, and graced me with interesting and inspiring characters that filled my days and nights. I danced, and adventured into the wild, and danced, and danced some more... drank 100s of fresh coconuts and ate the most incredible food. Bali is so incredibly abundant in so many ways, and I embraced it all.

I experienced many things for the first time, including plant medicines, women’s womb work & cacao ceremonies around the fire. It was a place that I really felt home, I felt seen and loved. Having moved every 2 years as a child I never felt I really “belonged” anywhere or to anyone. I felt quite alone in the world, even though I knew the physicality of that was not the truth. Somehow my soul felt it though.

I shifted, and transformed, and I learnt a lot. But she wasn’t done with me yet. 1 year later, Spirit would guide me back through a beloved that would cross my path on the smallest island I’ve ever been on in Croatia. I followed. That next year would bring about yet more lessons and transformation, beauty and pain. I flew her nest once again, vowing never to return. Less than 6 months later, a friend was getting married in Ubud, I of course, agreed to come and celebrate her union. I almost didn’t get on the flight though. I stood with my suitcase about to leave my friends house in London and nearly turned my back, returning to the house. Somehow I faced ahead and turned into all my fears, and got on the flight. It was definitely a sliding doors moment.

How grateful I am that I made that choice. Stepping into the fear, and the unknown and the pain, allowed Bali to really work her magic. She purified me through so many layers. She shook my world upside down and inside out and threw me on my head. She also held me and gifted me so much beauty that came through people and opportunities and divine synchronicities. She energetically slapped me across the face again and again whilst also bringing me home, to my inner power and myself. She showed me the truth. She catapulted me into the life my soul had slowly been heading towards. Fast tracked me onto the path my heart desired. She showed me how karma works in mysterious ways. She showed me that she really had my back.

She also showed me what it means to truly trust your intuition, what it means to really surrender and trust. The more I flowed with her, the more she gifted me. If I went into fear, she would show me more fear. When I prayed and sent gratitude for all that is, I was sent more divine gifts. The power of prayer became my meditation. Some days I was surrounded by dark spirits and entities, other days my angels would show themselves and bring me out of the darkness. Music channeled through me as I opened myself up to her. Her water blessings, fire ceremonies, medicine journeys, and dances, cleansed me and guided me home.

So even though there have been days when I have wanted to run and scream and rage, I have also allowed and laughed and cried tears of joy. I know that I had 2 cancelled flights for a reason. Those extra 5 weeks brought me some more of my deepest and profound lessons and healings. Forever grateful. Third time lucky, it flows. I’m sure she will pull me back in when there is more “work” to do, but for now I will fly her nest once more and follow my heart back to my roots and my birth place. I know that land is calling me for a reason too. Suksma Mama Bali!!! You urban jungle, paradise jungle, jungle of creativity, transformation, healing and beauty!!! Flying out of the vortex! 

Reiki Mastery and Living in Truth

In the light of “Spirituality” becoming a growing trend and it being the next “cool” thing, I feel called to share some of my own thoughts and some wisdom shared by a woman named Jude Priest. I guess one could say, for want of a better expression, I went through a “spiritual awakening” around 7 years ago. Everything in my life shifted and I feel this path chose me, not the other way around. I was catapulted into it, until I could no longer ignore my soul.

We are all drawn to different things for different reasons, ultimately, I believe we all come here with a gift to share. What I have witnessed recently though, especially in a place like Ubud, is the rise of the “spiritual ego”, by which I mean, people that preach, but don’t actually walk the talk. There is so much I could say on this subject, but I’ll leave it for another post, and for now, I’m going to use Jude’s piece of writing, as I share her thoughts, on stepping into the Mastery Level and what it means to truly step into this path…


Many people do not know what becoming a Master of Reiki involves. Some believe it is a Rite of Passage that can only be chosen by the Teaching Master. Others believe that it takes years of total dedication and strict adherence to certain rules and doctrines laid out by their Teaching Master. The traditional method of teaching Reiki adheres to both of these feelings and includes paying the Teaching Master a rather large sum of money over this period.

I am not a traditional Reiki Master and do not believe in strict doctrines or control of a persons spiritual growth, nor do I believe it takes years of teaching that comes with a large price tag. However, there is a requirement that needs to be in place, and that is your desire to teach others what you know and love that has helped you in your life.

Becoming a Reiki Master is quite simply a decision you make from the desire to teach others what it is you have learned about life and found out with your journey through discovering the healing energy of Reiki. For those who have already learned Reiki, moving into Mastership is a continued affirmation that they wish to connect within themselves on a deeper spiritual level. Usually, once this takes place, they then wish to help teach others how to do the same.

I teach many people who have a great deal of spiritual knowledge and who have psychic gifts but are unable to put it into a teaching structure that marries them all. Reiki helps put the jigsaw pieces of understanding the energies of mind, emotions, body and spirit together in a working healing and transformational modality, helping people to become capable and confident spiritual teachers. The most common reason I’ve found people do their Mastership is that they wish to be of service to humanity and see Reiki as being a vehicle structured to do so on a spiritual level.


For most, Mastership is a special time as they journey within. It is a spiritual sojourn filled with the knowledge of how to teach on all levels the processes of Reiki, deepening the connection with spirit, and of course the knowledge of how to give attunements effectively.

Some Masters choose, once they have learned, never to actually teach Reiki, but have the healing energy and spiritual knowledge and integrity that goes along with self mastery. “Walking the Talk” and “Practice what you Preach” are some of the requirements of a good Teaching Master. No one likes hypocrisy and we can a lot of that nowadays.

I recommend that you find a Master Teacher that you feel comfortable with, and with whom you feel has something to offer you as a teacher. Do they walk their talk? Are they into control? Or do they seek to enhance your already learned knowledge with whatever they can offer? Are they healers or are they preachers? Discernment is called for when seeking a teacher of a spiritual nature.

There is a great deal of responsibility in teaching this healing art. Mastery of anything does not arrive with just the Master’s attunements or a weekend course. It is arrived at with self-discipline and practice, total acceptance and love of self, along with a commitment to working with the Divine Creator and Spirit for the highest good of all that is, and that includes self. It does not have to come with a huge price tag, but if that is your mindset then so be it. Working with a Teaching Master is a definite requirement. All good students should avail themselves of as much information as they can ascertain from their Teaching Master. Mastership is not about passing on attunements. This has been of great disappointment to many Teaching Masters that have integrity who see the flaws of people simply wishing to join in on the spiritual bandwagon. It has seen Reiki get a lot of bad press.


Wanting to step into Mastery is an announcement that you have arrived at a point, that point is total acceptance of self on all levels. We spend a lot of our life becoming who we think we should be, not accepting that we already are who we need to be. When you decide to become a Reiki Master, you are stating that you are ready to accept self mastery as a state of being and not becoming. Those who wish to tread the path of Reiki have broken the mould of the accepted norm. This is demonstrated as they seek to know more about their own Divine energies.

Mastery in any career requires continual growth in consciousness, helping to produce results beyond and out of the ordinary. Mastery is a product of consistently going beyond your belief limits. For most people it starts with technical excellence within a chosen field, and a commitment to that excellence. If you are willing to commit yourself to excellence, to surround yourself with the things that represent this and miracles, then your life will change (when we speak of miracles, we speak of events or experiences in the real world which are beyond the ordinary).


One of the steps on the path to Mastery is the removal of all resentment towards Masters. Mastery insists that you develop compassion and humility for yourself so that you can be in the presence of other Masters and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself and resenting people who have Mastery, let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you, that - with nourishment - will grow into your own individual Mastery.

We are all ordinary people. But a Master, rather than condemning himself for his “ordinariness”, will embrace it and use it as a foundation for building the extraordinary. Rather than using it as an excuse for inactivity, Masters use it as a vehicle for correcting, which is essential in the process of attaining self-mastery. You must be able to correct yourself without invalidating or condemning yourself or others, to accept results and improve upon them.


I want to thank her for these words of wisdom. I want to pray that we all follow our hearts desires in whichever way that means to our true selves. As long as we are being integral to our work, and sharing from our heart, the better for us all and for our planet. Keep Shining.

Mind Body Medicine ~ Spiritual in Nature, Grounded in Reality

I recently watched the documentary film, Heal. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. I was engrossed, I cried, it resonated on so many levels. Not only because of my past self healing journey with disease but mostly because of where I’ve been heading with my work, and how THIS IS IT! This is everything. We need this more than anything. This deep awareness of self, and the knowing that we have the power within us to heal so much... we’ve just been taught wrong, conditioned to believe that western medicine is the only answer, when in fact, the majority of the time, it’s just treating the symptoms and not the root cause of why it’s manifested in the first place.

In the film they talk about accumulation (too much of something in the body), aggravation (building from accumulation to irritation, spread (because the root cause of the accumulation isn’t addressed it then spreads), into finally localisation (manifesting as disease in the body). So what we actually need to address is preventing the accumulation build up in the first place, not just fixing the localisation. It’s a combination of physiology and psychology. Our aim is to find harmony between the head and the heart, where there is coherence and a smooth flow of energy moving through the body.

Way back when, I was working in London as an Art Director, I was known as “the hippy one” to most of my friends & family. I was somewhat of an outcast, in a sense, because what I was heading towards wasn’t deemed “normal” at the time; head in some spiritual or self help book, endlessly researching alternative therapies, taking short courses, weekend trainings, evening classes, all in the nature of wellness and health. Any money saved in my designer days, unlike most of my friends saving for mortgages, was spent on learning and traveling to places like India, where I could immerse myself even more, out of the rat race. I honestly didn’t know where I was heading with all of it, I was just following what got my blood pumping, what grabbed and stimulated my attention for more then 5 minutes (quite a tall feat these days!) I feel I must’ve known, consciously or not, on some soul level I was being guided to serve others in a different way.

When I started doing Reiki & Self Healing, I didn’t really have anyone that I could share with. Some would say, “it’s just some hippy dippy fluff, it’s all in your head, it’s a placebo”; I carried on anyway. And now, NOW, there is actual scientific evidence to show that Reiki speeds up the healing and recovery process and they’ve started to use it in hospitals. Hallelujah! Now science and spirituality are merging as one. Thank you! Alternative therapies are rapidly growing in the medicine world as a way of healing. People are beginning to recognise that we have the power to create and manifest anything and everything. We are awakening.

So, not that I need any back up... however, it’s certainly giving what I do more exposure, more leverage, I suppose. I guess where I’m heading with this is, Reiki has gifted me with so much! Awareness, depth, clarity, healing, expansion. Reiki got into my deepest, darkest crevices and brought them into light. It’s been years of shifting, changing, unraveling, evolving, mastery. Always learning.

When I started teaching Reiki it quickly evolved into more than just sharing a form of energy healing work. I realised I was sharing much more. That I was inviting my clients and students to connect deeply to their mind and body as one. To feel and work more holistically. Bringing in more awareness to the ways in which energy blockages in the body manifest into physical blockages (illness, disease etc). I realised that every book, workshop, audio book, podcast and more than anything, life experience, was guiding me into this work all along. As I teach, I bring in the works of Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss & Joe Dispenza, to name a few. As I have been evolving myself, so has my work. My service. My dharma.

Right now, I see the importance of this work more than ever. There is so much disharmony in our world which is reflected within our bodies, most of us don’t even realise quite how much so. We mask it. We ignore it. We say, it’ll be ok. Until one day. It just isn’t ok. Then the whole journey of healing and self-discovery begins. I don’t want to cause any fear or anxiety around this subject, more that I feel called to share what I feel really passionate about, in the hope that it may resonate for some or even help someone, somewhere.

There are many ways in which we can start to release the physical blockages in the body, through various forms of movement, sound, energy work, the list is endless these days. It’s what resonates for you. On some subtle layer we are usually drawn to what we need. Having said that, sometimes the thing we resist the most, is the thing we need the most... consider that for a moment.

Some people have not been drawn to Reiki because there can be an element of “opening up Pandora’s box” and once you go inside, there’s no turning back. I know. It can do that. But what it also does is illuminate it all for it to be felt and seen and healed, and those that are silently magnetised towards it will bring great shifts into their lives. Consider the butterfly effect. One has to go through a process of shedding and letting go in order to emerge even more full and bountiful. I have witnessed first hand how powerful this healing modality can be, especially through 1:1 sessions and teaching. Everyone’s experience is what he or she makes it though. When I have clients or students they are responsible for their own journey into discovery, I’m just guiding, channelling, and facilitating the space for them to open up as much or as little as they so wish.

I’m beyond grateful to be sharing this work. Spirit has been guiding me all the way. Supporting me in every transition. Applauding the evolution. If you got this far, firstly thanks for reading :) and if in reading, it got you feeling into an “mmmmm yes”, then please get in contact for 1:1 sessions and/or teaching. I don’t teach any fluff...this is spiritual in nature but grounded in reality, a perfect amalgamation of it all. The level 1 really is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and can be taught in just a few hours. Once attuned, Reiki is with you for life. The connection to the universal life force energy grows the more you work with it, like any other practice. You can connect in at any place, any time. You can heal yourself and you can give healing to those around you. Reiki can do no harm. Reiki is pure light. That light will illuminate your path if you let it. Reiki is divine. You are divine. You are beyond even your own imagination.




I am Woman, I am She

Slowly emerging at sunrise as the light trickles inbetween the leaves of the jungle, shining through my open doors and onto my bed. The last 5 days have been spent in a full power woman’s circle and as I wake, I remember, and I embrace the emotions that are still vibrating through my being.

I’ve been holding space beside a dear and wise sister of mine, whose service on this planet is to enlighten women, with all the ancient teachings of the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. Her wisdom shared comes through as a huge transmission as she sits in the medicine portal and channels the voices of many; light beings, grandmothers, spirits and guides. And also from her own deep devotion to the learning’s, years spent in Ashrams, medicinal plant work, and from working as a healer for over 20 years. I was truly honoured and humbled to sit beside her, in full service and also in receiving myself.

I am so in awe of the transformations that unfolded within just a matter of days. When women come together to do the work on their wombs and their hearts, it’s pure medicine! We were processing and healing through 7 generations! This is not taught in Western education, yet is vital for us to know and understand for our health and for moving forwards as we birth children into the New Earth.

Now, we are the ones that have come through to understand and learn, so that we can heal the traumas from before; from our Mothers, our Grandmothers, and our Father line too. Unraveling all of the fear, the shame, the guilt, the suffering, the sorrow and the abandonment. All of this information is stored deep within our wombs and causes so much pain; emotionally, physically through disease, spiritually, mentally, yet most of us aren’t even aware of why we are feeling the way that we are. And why we play out certain patterns, beliefs, and structures in our lives and in our relating. We come into this world carrying so much information stored from before. It’s pretty profound. And so much conditioning that comes from society, instilling fear and control, keeping us stuck in old ways.


When I lived and worked in London in my twenties, I was so disconnected from my physical and emotional body. I didn’t understand that everything was so deeply connected and intertwined. I wasn’t taught this stuff growing up, I had to find my own way. Bless my teachers and my elders, they didn’t know either, and were always doing their best with the knowledge that they had at the time.

Those that know me well know that my journey came from healing disease in my own body, in my womb. I’ve been working for years now to untangle the mess inside of me, which was impacting all layers of my being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s been a deep process of many forms of “work” - plant medicines, womb healing, water therapy, various forms of bodywork, yoga, meditation, with Reiki being one of my main Saviours. Countless retreats, workshops, trainings, and sacred circles to unpick, understand, acknowledge and move through. You name it, I’ve probably done it or tried it.

I feel grateful to say that this particular circle showed me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve released, healed and transformed over the years. It’s been one of my missions to liberate myself from the conditioning around if and when I may bring a child into the world so that I can heal what’s going on internally. It’s a lifetime’s work really; nonetheless, I endeavour to bring as much purity as possible into any little soul that wants to come through. They say that many women release illness in their body when they birth a child, although what actually happens in several cases is they pass it to their children. So we end up in these endless cycles as we move through the generations.

I’ve also consciously been working on releasing fears around any judgments that may be placed upon me by friends and family with the seemly out of the ordinary choices that I have made in my life. Continuously stepping out of my comfort zone and into the fears for more discovery, experience and expansion in this lifetime. That’s a process in itself.

Times are changing, we are going back to the teachings of ancient times and understanding how women used to circle together and honour their cycles. How in the last 100 years we’ve been more heavily in our masculine side, taught that we must go on no matter what, not to feel, not to express, just to be quiet and get on with it. Wow, this is what is causing so much unbalance and illness in our societies. More often than not, if not in very case, illness is just a build up of emotional pain that hasn’t been expressed (but that’s a whole other blog post/book!)

You have period pain? Take a painkiller and go to work. No…. this is not how it’s supposed to be. Women should honour their cycles, they should go internal and feel it all, release, nurture, tune into their most psychic times, and really feel their innate power within this moment. This is necessary for deep connection to self and for really embodying their wise woman within. Do you know how powerful you are, woman?

As always, the timing of this Wise Woman’s immersion was impeccable, as I transitioned through a pivotal point in my life. The Full Moon came right in the middle of the retreat and so my cycle tuned in perfectly too. Through Shamanic Breath Journeys, Yoga, Meditation, Shakti Embodiment, Sound Healing, and learning more about Aligning to the Moon, the Cycles of Woman, and Sacred Sexuality, we moved through so much magic! I am so proud of all of the sisters that showed up to do the work and I am excited to witness the ripple effects that will unfold in their lives in the coming weeks and months. Once this journey starts, there is no going back, and the rewards are plentiful.

What I also feel to express is my deep gratitude for my personal journey. I absolutely needed to experience everything that I have been through so that I can be in deeper service to others. To understand certain disease in the body and what this means, what it feels like to experience sexual trauma, understand toxic relationship patterns, beliefs, to feel real heartache, everything and all of it. I am so grateful for my journey, it led me here and for that I am eternally grateful. It has shown me how strong one can be, how much one can shift and grow, how one can really take the negatives in life and turn them around into a gift. This is just a part of my story and right now this is the greatest gift I can share… and it’s only getting started.

I am offering retreats, workshops and 1:1 healings with some amazing women and hosting my own in the coming months, years. Mainly in Bali and Europe. Please get in touch for more information on anything you feel touched your heart, on anything that resonates with you, deep within. I am here for you. Together, we rise…

Love Always

Jo x

Slowing Down

At the end of November 2016 I went to a Cacao Ceremony & Elemental Dance. At the beginning I picked an Osho card, "Slowing down" faced me. I read the description, and knew, as always, that this was not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear at that point in time. 

Two weeks later, I opened up my own pack of Osho cards, "Slowing down" popped out in front of me, I didn't bother doing a reading, I was getting the message loud and clear.

I was well aware that there were certain elements in my life I was rushing. As a Red Rhythmic Serpent, according to the Mayan Calendar, although I sought to strike balance in my life and with those around me, the serpent side of me would dive straight into the action, without a second thought. I was in, head first, but would learn in time to become more of an eagle, soaring above, patiently watching and waiting for things to unfold. 

I wanted things to happen now!! But I knew I had to surrender to my flow and let the future unfold in its own way, everything happening in divine time. My attitude in the past was, I'd rather have an "oh well" than a "what if", no regrets. Although I keep that fairly close still, I'm also learning more patience & trust. Sometimes things take time. And for good reason. 

So, not only was I becoming more aware of slowing down in many different facets of my life, I was learning, still, to be more present. To not focus on tomorrow on what that may bring, or next month or next year. But to see and experience and fully feel what was happening now. Always a work in progress that one ;) with slowing down there has come more presence, with presence comes more peace and with peace comes contentment. Contentment in knowing that everything is happening just as it should, when it should, how it should. And I trust it! 


Water Dance

After completing Modules 1 & 2 of Watsu in Bali last year, I hope to complete the training here in Ibiza in May so that I can offer this beautiful healing modality. I've never experienced something quite like it. It's like being transported back in to the womb, weightless, fearless, held safely in the arms of another, floating in the water. On one occasion of receiving, I completely surrendered and went through what can only be described as a rebirth. The trauma that I experienced at birth was recalibrated on a cellular level, removing all subconscious connections that I had to that time. It's truly a life changing gift. 

Here is an account from a beautiful sister that came to have a session with me in Ubud. She was petrified of the water from childhood memories, but was willing to trust me and try it for the first time, 

"Resistance and stiffness at first, nerves, but felt relaxed on the inside. Getting used to the water. At first I felt like I wanted to make sure I was safe and my body was not going to go through anything unwanted. Then I tried to relax and surrender into it more and the more I did this I started no longer feeling the water, it felt as though I was floating through space. So I went with this for a while and it felt lovely. God moving me through the universe. At points I kept coming back into my body and checking that all is well. I felt my mother there with me, I felt like a child being held gentle by my mother. I let out a cry like a baby when Jo was touching my back and spine. I felt sadness and like I wanted to be loved and held. Then I went back to the universe and I thought, this must be what it feels like to die, this is what God is showing me. I was so happy, and felt so much love. No fear, no more sadness, just LOVE!!!! I started laughing hysterically and felt like a child again, but a happy one. Laughing and having fun. I wanted to be in space forever, it felt like home. I didn't need my body anymore because I am a soul. And God will love me and hold me always. I completely surrendered and didn't even worry about the water hitting my face anymore. I could be completely engulfed in water now and love it. It was very very strange and almost uncomfortable coming back into my body, opening my eyes was so so weird. Seeing Jo's face and all the colours of the planet. It made me cry, Jo held me again and I was eventually able to put my feet down and ground myself. I didn't want to come back. Nothing makes more sense than to be out there, not to be in this body. But I am here and although I see things differently, it's almost funny how much we think about pointless stuff. Like what we wear and how we look. It took a while to feel like a human again, and I had to look in the mirror to check I was definitely in there. Watsu was one of my favourite experiences I've ever had. The most real. The most connected to source. It makes me emotional just thinking about the love I felt. And the love I have for others is just as real. So grateful".

Rise Sister Rise

I was going to do a little post on Instagram with a picture of this book, but after reading it, I felt it deserved way more than a “read this” post and a few hashtags. A couple of weeks ago I was buying something on Amazon and a suggested book popped up “Rise Sister Rise, A Guide to unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell. I usually ignore the suggestions, but for some reason, something made me stop and look. I clicked on the cover, read the description, and without thinking twice, added it to my basket. A few days later it was in my hands. Having been on somewhat of a spiritual quest this last year, spending time alone, healing, learning, growing, I was excited to get my head stuck in this book.

It came at exactly the right time, as these things do, and has made a huge impact on my life, more than I even thought possible. I started reading it, and as I turned each page, tears filled my eyes. I felt like I was reading my own life story. This sister moved to London to start a career as a designer, working her way up the ladder, a strong, determined woman, making it in a mans world, and stayed for 10 years, as have I (it will be 10 years in April 2017). She went on pilgrimages seeking knowledge, healing, sisterhood, as have I. When she was 14 she started having horrendous periods, and in later life learned she had endometriosis, as have I, (3 operations down and a continuing self healing journey). She learnt that moving her body through dance & yoga, and not so much the gym, was her greatest release, as I had rediscovered this year. I couldn’t believe the connection I felt to this sister, this woman I had never met.

Goosebumps went up my spine, I could hardly contain the tears, I felt so much compassion, not only towards her; yes, I too have felt you and your pain, sister, but also towards myself. She spoke in the way that I thought, the way that I wrote, I felt every word so deeply. Reading this book made me realise I wasn’t alone. Since the start of my ‘spiritual journey’, if you like, really from my Reiki level 1, but slowly before that too, I have felt somewhat disconnected. I have felt different, unsure, yet certain, lost, but at home, it’s hard to describe it in words. I’ve wanted to break away from the “norm”, but then felt so conditioned by my growing up and by society that I didn’t know which way to turn, or even how to do that. I was holding on to so much control of my life, always thinking of the future and never just ‘being’, in the present moment. Awakening has meant going into all of my darkest shadows, looking inwards, looking at my behaviours and patterns, recognising myself, returning home. It’s not been an easy journey at all, but I am incredibly grateful for the insights and for the path that I am now on.

So I wanted to express my love for this book because I’m sure I’m not the only sister that is feeling this right now. She helped me to see more clearly, and as I was learning to listen, to then listen more. To not follow what society wants you to be, but to listen to the deep inner callings in your heart & soul. If you listen closely enough, you will hear. I felt like I was being held safely in her arms whilst reading this book, my spiritual sister, mother & teacher. She gave me the courage to keep writing, something I’ve been working on for many years, but not had the faith to keep on with it. There are too many things to note so all I will say to all of my sisters out there, read this book. It may resonate with you in some way, it may ignite something in you, who knows. All I know is this, it’s beautiful and we are awakening. 2017, I welcome you as the journey outside of London continues. Namaste x

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How Reiki Changed my Life...Part 1

I've had many people reaching out to me asking about Reiki in recent months, I thought it would be good to give some more insight into my own personal journey with it, in the hopes that it will resonate with others and inspire them to seek out more knowledge. I love talking about Reiki, so here is Part 1 of my journey, enjoy...

At the end of 2012 I hit a pretty low point in my life, I hated my stressful job, I'd been suffering with PTS and anxiety, I'd had 2 operations to remove endometriosis, I wasn't loving myself as I should've been, stressing all week and partying hard at the weekends to escape it all. I wasn't happy in my relationship, predominately down to the fact that I didn't love myself, although I wasn't too aware of this at the time. I knew something big needed to change. 

I started looking for an alternative healing treatment for the endo', as I really didn't want another operation, and during my search, Reiki popped up. I'd heard of it before but it had never really resonated with me at the time, but for some reason, this time, the articles I read drew me in and I was hooked! Something ignited within me and I knew deep in my soul that this was going to be the thing that would help me in some way. I wasn't sure of how it would or how long it would take, but there and then I booked my Reiki 1 attunement so that I could start self healing. 

I did Levels 1 & 2 pretty close together because I didn't know much about it, had I known more I would've separated them by a few months at least. Having said that, because of the closeness, the shift I went through afterwards was so profound, I had no idea it was going to be so powerful! 

During my 21 day healing process I went through what's called a "healing crisis", in which the pain in my body amplified tenfold. And it wasn't just physical pain either. I started having flashbacks from my childhood, you know the kind of stuff you think is buried and let go of....well those memories and the emotions attached to them were still there, hiding underneath all of the layers of my hard exterior. They were presenting themselves loud and clear in order for me to face those demons once and for all. 

I was scared initially, I was feeling things I'd never felt and I was experiencing states of mind I had never discovered before. I didn't understand what was happening until I read about it in one of my Reiki books. In short, a healing crisis is when the life force energy is working its way to the deep blockages in the body, and this can come out in a physical and/or emotional release. And this always gets worse before it gets better. I continued to self heal until the pain in my body completely went away, I couldn't believe it!! 

I was working through my chakras every day, reaching quite deep states of meditation, something in me was stirring, awakening. I started to see things differently, people, circumstances, things started to become clearer in my mind's eye. At the time I kept most of what was happening to myself, it was an incredibly personal journey and I felt it wasn't easy to explain to people. I also didn't start to share my Reiki healing gifts with others for at least 2 years from when I was initially attuned. I wanted to make sure I was in a good place myself before I started offering services to others. 

My level 1 was nearly 4 years ago now. Since then my life has changed a lot! I moved on from the relationship, I changed jobs, eventually going freelance, I've lived in Ibiza, Goa and Bali, and also traveled to Australia, California & Croatia. I did a level 3 in Ibiza in the summer of 2014, and then spent 4 months doing my Masters with a teacher in London in 2015. Things have shifted and awakened beyond what I had ever imagined and it still feels like I've only just begun; the journey continues to unfold in front of me. 

This is just a small snippet of my Reiki journey so far, so stay tuned for more on my other levels, teachings, taking Reiki around the world, and to see my journey continue on to my teachers level, which I will be starting next month. I have never felt so passionate about anything in my life! Reiki is so powerful and magical I want to share it with everyone!! If you would like to know more please just ask, I'm always here. Love & Light x