Wow! Feeling so grateful and so in awe for where I am today and what your teachings, guidance and support brought me in the last couple of months. When I came for a Reiki session in Bali I had no idea that this would be the start of a whole new journey, discovering the gift of Reiki and connecting me deeper with my inner self and my heart.

I immediately felt that you saw the whole of me, and felt safe and supported. The session was so healing and powerful and made me really want to learn more about Reiki from you. I was lucky to be able to do both level 1 and 2 trainings in London over the summer. Loved the way you are teaching, letting things flow naturally and with so much wisdom and love. Holding space for everybody and working with a small group made it a truly magical experience for me.

The mentoring calls give even more guidance and inspiration and now I’m feeling so much energy, joy and dedication to continue on this path. Can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thank you from my open heart
— Susanne, Netherlands

Thank you so much for today, it was so beautiful and felt so lovely and natural. You create a genuine and caring space which makes me feel able to speak and very at ease. Your guidance and support has meant more to me than you probably even realise - you’ve been a real grounding influence over what could have been a very emotionally turbulent time. I look forward to spending more time with you in the future
— Lucy, London, Reiki Master Student

WOW! What an experience with such a beautiful, inspirational and deeply talented soul. I’ve recently completed my level 1 & 2 reiki with Jo via Skype and whilst I was initially skeptical due to the distance, my worries were very quickly eradicated. I found my time with Jo so beneficial on many levels, her experience of working with a person on a deeper level are amazing, she is very intuitive and works very much in her own flow, which is refreshing! Her openness and compassionate nature allowed me to have very honest conversations about where I was in my own journey, which for me was incredible and very much needed when starting this work. My attunements (also done via Skype) were incredibly powerful. Absolutely loved every minute of working with Jo and would highly recommend her training, she is a true angel
— Sarah, United Kingdom

Jo is a Master of working with energetics and with light. Since coming into my life, Jo has turned me onto the practice of Reiki for myself and for others, and through her influence, I have been able to shift so many limiting beliefs. She is a rockstar mentor and teacher, holding so much space for us all with kindness and attention to the beauty that can exist in all moments. I love having her in my life and look forward to co-creating with her brightness.
— Anna, Bali

Magic is within, and all around us. Joanna has shown us, through the practice of Reiki, how to be open and connected to this magic, and also how to make use of it for us to heal. Being a sensitive person, I’ve always felt and been affected by people’s energy. Since I started the self-healing practice that was taught during the level 1, I feel much more protected and connected to myself. My intuition has reached another level and I feel that I finally stepped into my powers and now I’m learning how to use them. It has helped me on so many levels and this is just the beginning. I would recommend it to any person sensitive to energies, and that wants to bring more consciousness and healing into their lives. Thank you, Joanna, for welcoming me in the Reiki lineage and opening a new door in my life path.
— Anonymous, Bali

To be under Joanna’s guidance is to be under that of a shining light. Her presence is soft, sweet, nurturing, bold, grounded and authentic, providing a safe and warm environment to be as open and vulnerable as necessary to allow for deep healing and transformation. Her energy is so powerful, it is easy to feel and see the years of dedication and commitment she has given to practicing and being of service to Reiki. My meeting with Joanna has been a crucial point in my personal self healing journey, it often felt like I was being guided towards her healing, originally as a receiver, to then continue onto completing my Reiki levels 1 & 2 under her teaching. If you’re feeling the call or the pull, do not hesitate! This woman is a valuable vessel of spirit and light. Thank you Joanna!
— Fleur, Bali

I never met anyone like you. Pure beautiful angel on Earth, surrounded by other angels like a light force. Wow, you guys are doing amazing work out there. I hope to do the same through my music. I wish to have more people like you in my life, it would be so much more fun.
— Martha, Bali

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming into my reality and for being the beautiful guide you are. This week has been so special. You are a gift to this realm and this planet. Please keep on shining and spreading your magic, your beautiful light and your healing powers. Thank you for helping me to find and anchor back into myself again. I am forever grateful and hope our paths will cross again in the future. Lots of love and universal magic on your next journey x
— Nikola, Love Inspired Retreat

You are such an inspiration to me. Your energy, your presence, your gorgeous beauty, your voice. Thank you for letting me have a little more of all of that during this week. And thank you for your support, your love, your kindness, your songs and your amazing meditations. Thank you also for helping me to tune into my own energy, lifting me up towards something better, for our 1:1 session and for your healing, and for our talks. I’m so grateful to have you as a Reiki Master and I know it’s only the beginning of what you can teach me, with all my love x
— Lorene, Love Inspired Retreat

Dear sister, I will do my best to put onto paper, that which is so much deeper than the spoken word can say. My heart was drawn to you from the moment we met. With trust in a magical soul, something I have not experienced before. Thank you for the love and compassion you live everyday and share with the world. You are truly magical. I love you x
— Julia, Love Inspired Retreat

Sunday was one of the most incredible days of my life. Something very special happened, and there’s been such a tangible shift in me.

I’m so grateful to you Jo, for being my Reiki Master. You have such a magical way of teaching and I found that I somehow absorb all the information really quickly and easily. Almost like you cast a spell on me! Everything was so well organised and flowed effortlessly. I feel so privileged to have you as a mentor and inspiration. The way you shine your truth is infectious and such an inspiration!

And to all my sisters I met and shared this part of my journey with, wow, thank you!!! Forever etched in my heart!
— Marina, London

Joanna is a really humble teacher who holds you in the space to integrate the information. She has a sweet and lovely voice, just perfect for Reiki. She is a unique teacher, in her way to transmit, you feel her passion, love and magic. I am so grateful to have found her as an initiating star to guide me into my Reiki path.
— Victoria, Belgium

Having completed my Reiki Levels 1 and 2 with Jo, I can only say how amazing she is. She creates such an inviting and powerful space for the course and truly opened my eyes to how powerful Reiki is and how powerful I can be. A beautiful soul sister, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to train with.
— Abi Coe, London

I met Jo in Croatia in the summer and I had a wonderful reiki treatment in the forest on Obonjan with her. Jo was in London this autumn and I attended her reiki level one course. The day was really special and set up so comfortably in She’s Lost Control in Hackney. We learned about the history of reiki, theory and had lots of opportunity to practice and meditate in our group. I didn’t want to go home! Reiki has had a hugely positive impact on my life and Jo has a calm, open and generous way of teaching and sharing that’s soothing and sort of rubs off on you. I’d really recommend having a treatment with Jo or even trying reiki. Thank you so much Jo.
— Sidonie, London

I did a Reiki treatment with Jo in South of Italy. She is a real healer and she has magnetism in her hands! She has a beautiful voice to guide you during the session and really make you feel at ease and supported. She is bright and sweet energy. I definetely recommend Jo and I would love to do the level 1 with her.
— Victoria, Italy

I’ve seen Jo for my Level 1 in Reiki and for private 1:1 sessions and she is just fabulous, with an amazing energy around her, and a fabulous teaching style. Jo has given me such a new lease of life through her Reiki healing and I don’t say that lightly. Honestly such a wonderful person to be around! Would recommend her to everyone!!! X
— Nicole, London

I came across Jo about 4 months ago when other methods of counselling and medication were not effective for my depression. I was sceptical of Reiki at first, as with any type of holistic practice, but Jo is very different. She is honest and positive with an actual care and understanding of what I felt rather than just seeing it as a service.

Over the last 4 months the weekly sessions have had a MASSIVE impact on me. My chest and heart feel lighter and my thoughts clearer. I found that I am now able to open my mind and focus, which is something I never imagined would be so happy and welcoming to me.

I cannot recommend Jo enough, her approach and energy has been key for my personal development and I have found her incredibly warm and accommodating. My eyes are opened and alive and although I remain skeptical of many holistic treatments I honestly feel Reiki from Jo has had a genuinely huge impact on my life. She is a true light in a sometimes dark world.
— Niall Leane, London

Jo probably wouldn’t call herself a teacher and in many ways she’s not. What she is a talented, humble and dedicated mentor with the ability to bring insight and experience to her Reiki class. I studied Level 1 Reiki with Jo in January 2017 and was reassured by Jo’s willingness to express her vulnerability and journey with Reiki to her teachings. With every step in the lineage of Reiki a new element is introduced - with Jo this is honesty, warmth and duty. A very special kind indeed. Highly recommend for anyone curious, dedicated or challenged by the pathway to healing and into Reiki - with all it’s incredible powers.
— Ed Selby, London

Just had the most positive insight into my spiritual wellbeing thanks to Jo Lewins and her Reiki skills in the island of Obonjan, Croatia. Can’t wait to visit her again in London! Go see her!! And thanks Jo, love and light xx
— Lisa Farrell, Obonjan

A beautiful woman inside and out with hands that melt into your soul. I have had the pleasure of receiving Jo’s healing touch on a few occasions. She sends me into a blissful, transcendent state the moment her hands connect to my body. Very knowledgable, experienced, and blessed with the power to sensitively yet powerfully transmit healing, loving energy, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you pay this goddess a visit.
— Olivia Wood, The Healing Network

I went to see Jo for a Reiki session and was blown away with how amazing and healing it was. I have felt more focused, grounded and powerful since and am really impressed with the results. Jo is very open, warm and calming – I felt so comfortable throughout the session and would highly recommend to anyone. I loved the music and the burning sage. Really looking forward to coming again soon. Thank you! xx
— Mairi Claire Hutchison, London

Jo, thank you for your gorgeous treatment and your incredible energy. My first experience of Reiki, but certainly not my last. You created the perfect space to allow me to be open and relaxed during the treatment and gave me all the time I needed to reflect with you afterwards. My little knowledge of Reiki meant I was a bit apprehensive and nervous but as soon as we started I felt totally supported by you and I was able to trust in all you were doing. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste you beautiful soul
— Grace Watson Farmer, Goa, India

What can I say? Jo is an amazing soul! I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both her loving, caring, uniquely healing touch in a beautiful Reiki session, and also a wonderfully, clearly instructed alignment oriented yoga class with her. I could just feel the passion of her work radiating through her as she poured her heart into it. The results for you are indeed beneficial, healing and restorative of the mind, body and spirit. Thank you Jo. You are amazing.
— Jared Ciofalo, Ubud, Bali

Jo is a beautiful, kind, positive, gorgeous soul who I have had the absolute privilege to come in contact with in magical Ubud! I had the most wonderful reiki and massage healing session today, and a beautiful connection with Jo, who I feel I have known for a lifetime. Thank you for today. I look forward to further sessions and meet ups in the future . Highly recommend! xxx much love xxx
— Amanda Tracey, Ubud, Bali

Jo is this incredible bundle of energy. She’s an absolute joy with such light in her. She came into my life at such perfect timing. A complete gift. The reading she did for me was spot on, very accurate and insightful, delivered with love and gentleness.
— Georgina Mathew, London

I had the pleasure of receiving reiki with the incredibly kind and connected Jo. I walked in feeling open to receive all that I needed and sure enough I was blessed with the release I needed, received with love and kindness. Jo has a healing connection beyond your imagination. Without going into too much detail, if you are in thoughts or know you want to see a healer/yogini and experience something new and pure, Jo is your lady. Thank you beautiful Jo for your healing. It lives on and through, love and light to you beautiful woman
— Hannah Dolan, Ubud, Bali

My first ever reiki session in London with another practitioner was pretty disappointing, so I went into my second with Jo having very low expectations to be honest. When I first walked into Jo’s space it was beautifully set out, extremely clean, and welcoming. You could tell she’d spent some time creating a zen atmosphere with different incense, calming music, crystals, singing bowl and fresh cold water - I was already impressed.

Jo really put me at ease and I was so excited about what I was about to experience. I had mentioned that I’d slept funny on my neck and she kindly gave me a neck and shoulder massage to settle me and relax me into the session. Jo has not only got very strong hands, which work perfectly over muscles and tension that need releasing, but she also has a natural intuitive ability to be drawn to the areas that need attention. Our reiki session was nothing less than incredible - I had so much tension in my head it felt like I had come down with the flu or a big head cold - throughout the session Jo eased this and dispersed the condensed energy around my body which felt unreal. My sinuses cleared and I felt a big rush of energy move through my 3rd eye chakra. I am a yoga teacher so I am very in tune with energy lines/systems within my own body so it was so nice to feel this.

I’m pleased to say that Jo mentioned my chakras all felt open and balanced which was great news that my yoga is paying off in all the right ways - she is honest and open and will advise you accordingly which I liked. I have come away feeling light and airy and even more smiley than I already am which I didn’t think was possible. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thanks Jo X
— Hannah Presence RYT, London

So much gratitude and love for the Reiki session I received from Jo. I went into the session completely unaware of what Reiki was. Jo made me feel relaxed and at ease. She made me feel completely at peace with where I was and with what was going on in my mind, body, and soul. I have nothing to say but beautiful things about this woman. She radiates loving kindness and I can’t wait for my next sessions. The light in me honours the light in you, Namaste
— Julia Johnston, Goa, India

Thank you Jo for two beautiful Reiki sessions! The atmosphere was so calm and pleasant, only good energies around. And the chat afterwards with an angel card reading was priceless! Feeling uplifted, grounded and much more connected with my inner self!
— Alex Kop, Goa, India

I am so grateful that I got to meet you Jo!! I got to experience your Reiki healing which was amazing, you’re born to be a healer and you helped me with all my questions that I had with me. Thank you for offering to show me what the angels had to say, it proved to be quite a magical card reading. Hope we meet again soon. Love Anna
— Anna Hannsson, Goa, India

A beautiful and generous soul! Thank you so much for my Reiki session. You provided such a safe and calming haven. So much love. Bring your healing spirit back to India soon
— Morwenna Truscott, Goa, India

I was lucky enough to have Reiki with Jo and was totally blown away! An experience that was wonderfully relaxing but amazingly powerful all at the same time. So much light and love in this lady!!
— Katie Lee, London

I received a Reiki session with Jo. She made the space nice and calm to help me melt on to the massage table. I was totally relaxed and after the session we commented on the sensations! I would 100% recommend
— Amelia Valls, Goa, India

I have received Reiki from numerous practitioners, but I can honestly say Jo has been the most effective. Each session with her has been magical, from the atmosphere to her extremely calming effect and touch. She always creates such a beautiful space using incense, candles, crystals and oils; tailored to your needs. Treatments have brought up deep rooted emotions, particularly the following day. Initially I hadn’t anticipated how I would feel the following day, however I prepared myself for subsequent sessions and felt great relief days after.

Jo is a natural born healer with a beautifully warm, peaceful energy. I always feel so at ease in her presence during any healing session. I have also received a Raynor massage treatment - extremely beneficial, releasing stagnant trapped emotions in various parts of the body. Jo uses awesome intense pressure, which is something that lacks in other practitioners I have had. I look forward to future treatments with this beautiful soul, who has obviously cleared many deep-rooted issues herself to enable her to reach this higher state of healing that she offers. I cannot recommend her highly enough; a soul very close to my heart; always has been and always will be.
— Rachel Lewins, London

Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to Jo’s self discovering journey and all of the brave and seemingly “out of the ordinary” choices she has made in her own life. When Jo began to train as a Reiki healer, I saw huge changes and her power began to reveal itself. For a long time, and from a distance, I watched and began to appreciate the truly transformative effect the practice was having on my dear friend. Her learning and healing led the way to her own personal growth and development; she was changing her circumstances in health, lifestyle, financials and loving relationships. Jo’s leap into the most inspirational and fulfilling life I’d ever seen had a profound effect on me.

Despite it being possibly available to me sooner, I always held back from the practice thinking, “This isn’t really for me”, however, over the last year, while going through some personal struggles with self acceptance, I felt that it was the right time to approach my friend and ask for guidance. Calmly and wisely she responded with “when you are ready, Reiki finds you”.

Jo created a beautiful, safe and calm space for my first session. Very quickly I was lulled into a deep and relaxing meditative state. The energy shifted deep-rooted issues and there were a lot of tears. I felt grief and relief, like I was finally giving up what I had been holding onto. Jo’s supportive manner and compassionate empathy throughout allowed me to release the blockages in her presence in a complete and holistic freeing of truth from my body both during and after the session and subsequent sessions. My connection to “The real me” and my consciousness has deepened. Huge shifts began to unfold in my life and since I have been on an epic journey of self-discovery. I have never felt more sure of anything, that Reiki and in particular my healer, Jo, enabled me to take off the shaded glasses I had been so attached to and view my life in a whole new light, inevitably changing it forever.

The thing with Jo is that she never once felt like a “Practitioner” of a skill, you know in your bones that it’s more; she is a spiritual healer. Her perception is like nothing I’ve ever encountered and if you are willing to let her support you, she will tap you into your truth and facilitate the steering of your emotional compass, leading you to your true passion and purpose in life. If you are committed to self-discovery and are willing to explore big challenges, big magic and big change, then I urge you with all my heart to utilise the gift that is Jo and her healing. You are reading this testimonial for a reason, so take this as your first sign and act on it.
— Ellie Wood, London