“The thing with Jo is that she never once felt like a "Practitioner" of a skill, you know in your bones that it's more; she is a spiritual healer.”

"Joanna is a passionate and gifted Reiki Teacher, Water Therapist & Sound Medicine Woman. She creates safe and sacred spaces wherever she goes; sanctuaries that guide others to open themselves to their own inner healing journeys, bringing them into a deep state of presence and back into their hearts. Joanna has a deep connection to her Spirit Guides and works as a Channel to transmit the messages and the teachings from Source. Her dharma is where she walks. With her big open heart, soft vocals and her light, yet grounded essence, you will surrender into ease in her presence.”

My passion is to bring awareness to those that have been too “busy” to listen to their own bodies. Our relationship with our self is the most important one of all. When we do the inner work, we heal the planet. She is a direct reflection of our own internal world.

Over the last 12 years I have studied various Massage Courses ranging from Swedish to Thai, Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, 300hr Yoga TT, Aquatic Healing Dance, Reiki Masters & Teacher Training, Authentic Relating, Master Coaching, Shamanic Journeying and more, and I continue to deepen my knowledge in immersions and trainings all over.

It is through my own personal journey and experience of self healing that I'm able to offer what I do. I take a very holistic approach to my work, so not only seeing someone as a physical body, but a mind, soul, and being of energy too. We will work through all layers of your being, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pillars, uncovering the root cause of any issues that are arising, clearing the way for more movement, freedom and love. It's about connecting you back to your mind-body, going deeper than just the physical body, giving you the space to open up and start your own healing journey. I'm simply holding the space for you to receive, facilitating your journey and working as a channel to guide you and provide you deeper insights for your overall healing, awakening and growth. 

Based in Ibiza, teaching across Europe and beyond. CONTACT for more info.
Fully insured & accredited
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